ARAGORN ... Not all those who wander are lost (JRR Tolkien)


At end of the round-the world sail, Dick and Leslie congratulate each other off Antigua

Circumnavigation completed!!

On 7 December 2006, ARAGORN crosses her outward bound track laid down on 2 January 2004, just south of Falmouth Harbor, Antigua. In circling the world, we sailed over 32,000 miles, crossed three oceans and have sailed in twenty seas. In addition to Dick and Leslie, ARAGORN was manned (or womaned) by twenty others onboard from time to time, to whom we are very grateful - see the crew appreciation page by clicking the balloon above. And, after more than 50,000 miles of total sailing on ARAGORN, we still love the boat!

CURRENT LOCATION: Back home again! On the mooring at Larchmont Yacht Club.

It was an interesting trip from Sint Maarten. Slow at the start, but try going up the backstay while attempting to dodge the remnants of sub-tropical storm Andrea, or swimming on the prop to remove a three-inch hawser while several hundred miles offshore. But we made it in eleven days, only one slower than expected. Plans include giving ARAGORN some well-deserved TLC at the yard, and some slow cruising this summer.

J46 ARAGORN, snapped off Bequia in January 2007

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